Terms & Conditions

ANCO Distributors Ltd Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade


Non-Consumer Sales Only

Anco Distributors Ltd agrees to supply goods on the following terms and conditions to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions, and which may only be varied under the authority in writing of Anco Distributors Ltd.


Terms of Payment

Anco Distributors Ltd reserve the right to carry out credit checks via Experian or other credit check agencies on all new accounts and periodically thereafter.  This will not affect your credit rating.  Periodic checks may result in a change to your Terms and Conditions of which you would be notified accordingly.


Where credit terms are not extended all payments shall be on a pro-forma basis.


Where credit terms are extended the due date of payment shall be of the essence.

Payment Terms: All invoices must be paid within the agreed payment terms.

Credit Limit: You will not be permitted to place a new order if this new order takes your outstanding balance above the credit limit (you would need to reduce the balance to ensure that the outstanding balance on your account remained within the credit limit).


Payment can be made by BACS/Faster Payments, cash, cheque, or by credit or debit card by phone. Some payment methods may incur a surcharge.


Failure to adhere to your Terms of Payment may result in late payment charges (5% of invoice value), and/or your account reverting to Proforma status, and/or your account being suspended and service stopped until the situation is resolved


Transfer of Account

You may not transfer your account to another person or company. If you sell your business then the new proprietor will need to reapply for an account and a new account reference would be issued to the new proprietor.


Proforma Accounts

For Proforma accounts we will not despatch goods until we have received cleared funds. New customer accounts will usually be opened on a proforma basis.



Prices are those ruling at the time of delivery or collection.



All quotations are invitations to trade and no order is binding on Anco Distributors Ltd, until confirmed by the issue of Anco Distributors Ltd’s Order Acceptance.



All goods supplied remain the property of Anco Distributors Ltd until all monies due to Anco Distributors Ltd are paid in full and the Customer shall hold them identified accordingly as Bailee and grants an irrevocable licence to Anco Distributors Ltd to enter on to the Customer’s premises for the purposes of repossessing Anco Distributors Ltd goods.



Delivery times are quoted in good faith but Anco Distributors Ltd accepts no liability for late delivery.

Orders received by 12pm Monday - Friday are usually dispatched the next day via DPD on a 24hr delivery service - exclusions apply.


Goods supplied are warranted to be of satisfactory quality but no warranty is given for any particular purpose other than the purpose commonly applied or those specified by the relevant manufacturer.

Any goods claimed to be defective must be returned with the appropriate receipt or evidence of purchase and where it is proved that the goods were defective at the time of sale Anco Distributors Ltd shall have the options of repair or replacement.

The properties in replaced goods remain with or revert to Anco Distributors Ltd.


Returned Goods

Anco Distributors Ltd accepts no liability for goods returned, without the written authority of Anco Distributors Ltd, cancellation of orders will not be accepted unless agreed in writing by Anco Distributors Ltd and where any cancellation is agreed, the customer will be liable for a handling charge and will be refunded within 7 days. Shortages and discrepancies must be notified to Anco Distributors Ltd within 24 hours of delivery. Any claim after this period may not be settled.


Safe Use

Customers have a duty to use/operate all goods supplied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions for safe use and to ensure that such instructions are conveyed effectively by the Customer to any persons using the goods. Anco Distributors Ltd accepts no liability or losses from the use of products except only that liability of death or personal injury as a result of negligence may not be limited or excluded. All contracts for the supply of goods/services shall be deemed to have been agreed at Anco Distributors Ltd.’s premises and both parties agree to be bound by the law.


Returned Cheques

Anco Distributors Ltd reserves the right to charge a fee of £30 (+VAT) for any returned cheques.

Your account will revert to Proforma status if a cheque is returned to us by the bank.


Terms and Conditions

This agreement replaces any other agreements entered into between you and us.

Our latest Terms & Conditions can be found on our website and by placing an order with Anco Distributors you are agreeing to the latest Terms & Conditions prevailing at the time.


Limitations of our Agreement

This agreement is between Anco Distributors Ltd and the Customer. This agreement does not imply any exclusivity rights to the customer and Anco Distributors reserves the right to offer account terms to other persons. Anco Distributors Ltd reserves the right to terminate this agreement for any reason by giving the customer at least 7 days’ notice.


Resigning of Account Terms and Conditions

To ensure that our customers are kept up-to-date we may from time to time ask you to resign to confirm that you have seen and agree to the latest Account Terms and conditions. You also may be asked to resign if your Payment Terms or Credit Limit have changed.


Dormant Accounts

Where an account has been dormant (i.e. no orders placed) for more than 12 months the trading terms will revert to pro-forma basis. If you wish to recommence trading then you may ask Anco Distributors Ltd to reassess trading terms and in which case Anco Distributors Ltd will carry out credit checks via Experian or other credit check agencies. Anco Distributors Ltd reserves the right to close an account which has been dormant for more than 12 months.


Unfair Contract Terms Act

The above terms and conditions have been drawn with the unfair contract terms Act 1977 in mind and Anco Distributors Ltd believes them to be fair and reasonable. If the Customer believes that they are not fair and reasonable he must convey such belief to Anco Distributors Ltd in writing prior to contracting.


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