Anco Low Fat Treats Under 10%

A collection of Anco treats which are all under 10% fat content and so are suitable for dogs with pancreatitis or weight issues.

Anco Antler Small

Anco Beef Pate 200g

Anco Bullychew Bone Large

Anco Bullychew Bone Medium

Anco Bullychew Braided Donut Medium

Anco Bullychew Braided Stick Large

Anco Bullychew Chips 300g

Anco Bullychew Donut Medium

Anco Bullychew Roll Large

Anco Bullychew Roll Medium

Anco Fusions - Ostrich

Anco Fusions - Rabbit

Anco Fusions - Venison

Anco Hemp Oil Infused Treats

Anco Moo Chew Small

Anco Naturals Beef Braid

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