Anco Oceans

Sourced and dried within the EU, with full traceability, our Oceans range allows dogs to enjoy all the health benefits of fish. Naturally rich in omega 3 and 6 promoting healthy skin, coats, joints and cognitive function, these tasty treats are gently air-dried for the perfect crunch to help remove tartar and aid dental health.


•No additives, no colourings, no preservatives

•Easily digested, so great for sensitive stomachs

•Great for teeth as helps to remove tartar

•Improves skin and coat condition

•Hypoallergenic and gluten free

•Contains omega 3 and 6

Anco Oceans Bullhead Catfish

Anco Oceans Cod Fingers 100g x10

Anco Oceans Dried Herring

Anco Oceans Dried Sprats

Anco Oceans Fish Skin Cubes

Anco Oceans Fish Skin Sprinkles

Anco Oceans Hake Slices 100g x10

Anco Oceans Mackerel Fingers with Cod 100g x10

Anco Oceans Salmon Fingers with Cod 100g x10

Anco Oceans Salmon Skin Cubes

Anco Oceans Salmon Skin Rolls

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