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Farm Food Beef Trainers
Beef Trainers (12). Each tub contains 80-90g. RSP - £4.29 The irresistible, natural rewa..
Burns Duck Grills
Duck Grills (50). RSP per grill - £0.39 Burns Grills are made with 100% Meat. There are NO Bi..
Burns Lamb Grills
Lamb Grills (50). RSP per grill - £0.39 Burns Grills are made with 100% Meat. ..
Farm Food Antler Small
Antler Small (1). RSP - £5.99 Our Small Antlers weigh 75g or less. 100% completely natura..
Burns Pizza Slices
Pizza Slices (50). RSP per slice - £0.55 Petaroni® Pizza is packed full of flavour, with all ..
Farm Food Antler Medium
Antler Medium (1). RSP - £9.29 Our Medium Antlers weigh 76-150g 100% completely natural s..
Farm Food Antler Large
Antler Large (1). RSP - £14.99 Our Large Antlers weigh 151-225g 100% completely natu..
Burns Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs (50). RSP per stick - £0.65 A Delicious Hot Dog Sausage Chew. Burns Salami Chew..
Burns Lamb & Rice Sticks
Burns Lamb & Rice Sticks - 4 Pack (20). RSP - 1.80 A Delicious Lamb Treat Made With Real ..
Burns Meat Jerky
Meat Jerky (1kg). RSP per 100g - £2.19 Like all Burns Jerky Treats, Burns Meat Jerky is 100% ..
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