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Farm Food Antlers



A Natural ‘Toothbrush’ For Dogs

100% Pure, Sustainable and a True Product of Nature

Irresistible with No Additives

Healthy and Rich in Minerals - helping to keep your dogs teeth clean, healthy and strong

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Farm Food Antler Extra Extra Large
100% completely natural seasonal product. Our XL Antlers weigh 226-320g℮. This product is mad..

Farm Food Antler Small
Antler Small (12). RSP - £5.95 Our Small Antlers weigh 75g or less. 100% completely natur..

Farm Food Antler Medium
Antler Medium (12). RSP - £8.95 Our Medium Antlers weigh 76-150g 100% completely natural ..

Farm Food Antler Large
Antler Large (12). RSP - £13.95 Our Large Antlers weigh 151-225g 100% completely nat..

Farm Food Antler Extra Large
Antler Extra Large (10). RSP - £20.85 Our XL Antlers weigh 226-320g. 100% completely ..

Farm Food Antler Starter Pack
Farm Food Antler Starter Pack RSPs - Small - £5.95, Medium - £8.95, Large - £13.95, Extra Lar..

Farm Food Standard Antler Counter Top Display (1)
Our eye-catching Farm Food Antler counter top display with built in leaflet holder and info-packe..

Farm Food Easy Antler Small
Antler Bar Small (12). RSP - £4.95 Our Small Easy Antlers weigh 51g or less. 100% co..

Farm Food Easy Antler Medium
Easy Antler Medium (12). RSP - £6.95 Our Medium Easy Antlers weigh 51-80g. 100%..

Farm Food Easy Antler Large
Easy Antler Large (12). RSP - £9.95 Our Large Easy Antlers weigh 81-120g. 100% ..

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